What are the basics of marketing on Twitter?

The laws of marketing seem to take a consistent theme wherever and whenever they have been used. But that doesn’t mean that they apply the same way when it comes to the digital age. Assuming that all social media platforms are the same is a bad generalization. Also, assuming that the way you market on Twitter and Instagram is the same, bad generalization. 

The other half is in knowing the specifics. Knowing which marketing rules and tips are mostly used on Twitter and why. Let’s dive in and explore.

Write a strong profile bio

This is a major one. You know that every social media platform is a scrolling action. People want to scroll and scroll. They don’t want to spend time forever figuring out what you are doing. They want it instantly in a fast and clear manner. If you master this, then they will be curious, depending on what they are looking for, to look into your account.

You see, this set of actions could not be possible to pull a Twitter user into this action. This is because there is a set of unseen questions and checklists that every Twitter user has. To leverage these unseen forces, you will need a strong bio to illustrate what you do. This will leave the decision to go into your account to the user.

Create Twitter Lists

Lists enable you to become specific on who you are targeting. This approach allows you to narrow to particular tweets and feedback that are relevant to your brand. Such information is important for you to absorb, as it helps you create an image of what is working in your marketing strategy and how you will adjust accordingly.

You might also want to clean up Twitter followers that are not associated with what you are marketing.

Focus on the follower’s count

You see, when it comes to marketing, it’s not about the connections. It’s about the number of people that are following you. You can simply boil down marketing to that truth. If they are more people following your account, you can be able to reach even more. Once you understand that you just need 1000 real fans, then you will see that marketing is that basic.

Additionally, you might want to make your content shareable. Meaning that you use e-mail subscriptions and links for other people to share with their family and friends.  

Organize content

Consistency is the most unsexy advice that you will ever hear. But it cuts because it works. And the same thing for your content. Once you have found your unique and unconventional path to creating content, you will need to schedule the right times for you to post them.

If you are a business, the preferred times should be between eight and ten A.M. and 5-6 P.M. during the week. There’s no real rule on how many times you will be sharing your content. That doesn’t mean you don’t use your Twitter Analytics. Use this tool to see what will work for your audience.

Use videos and photos

We are visual creatures, and we would like to see a description of what you are trying to say. The best way to communicate your message and content is to use images and videos. This is medium is more information packed with color, subtitles, and color that creates a deeper impression among your audience. This has a bodily aspect to it. Rather than reading content and getting bored, emotion is injected, causing an average of about six to five times of engagement than tweets without them.