What are the basics of marketing on Twitter?

The laws of marketing seem to take a consistent theme wherever and whenever they have been used. But that doesn’t mean that they apply the same way when it comes to the digital age. Assuming that all social media platforms are the same is a bad generalization. Also, assuming that the way you market on Twitter and Instagram is the same, bad generalization. 

The other half is in knowing the specifics. Knowing which marketing rules and tips are mostly used on Twitter and why. Let’s dive in and explore. read more

How Can I Learn Web Design?

Web Design

Website designing is one of the drastically growing industries despite the current awful economic status. For this reason, learning it can actually lead to a fascinating and exciting career especially for creative problem solvers. Learning website designing is quite easy than you thought if you hang on this article piece.

How to learn web design

There are multiple options for an individual when it comes to learning how to design a website. Despite enrolling a course at college, doing it yourself learning or turning to online courses, here are some important concepts that pro website designers possess. read more