How a Patient Portal Can Benefit You

Once upon a time, there was only one way through which a doctor and their patient would interact, and that was through the receptionist. The receptionist would physically check the doctor’s schedule and look for any available slots that would fit with the patient’s one. Things have changed with the use of the patient portal.

In this article, we will be looking into the various benefits of a patient portal to hospitals and medical facilities. And if you have not thought of installing one, what are you waiting for?

What is a patient portal?

First, we should define what a patient portal is. This is an online site that allows patients to access their personal health information. Given the significance of the information, patient portals are highly secure sites. Each patient is provided with a username and password that they will use to access the site.

The benefits of a medical patient portal service

In this section, we will be breaking down the various benefits that a medical facility can get from a patient portal.

Quality service

First and foremost, medical services are a basic and essential need whereby the patient requires personalized service from a professional in the medical field. But often, the professional in question is often distracted by other demands for their time. This could either be in the form of online payments, queries by other patients, and other bookings.

With a medical patient service, a doctor can make it his or her priority to focus on the needs of the patient. They can build a quality relationship that lasts for years and offer them that personalized service that meets their needs.

Safety of the information

Personal health information is very sensitive information that should be kept in a secure and safe location. With a patient portal, it is common for concerns to be raised about the security of the information. And this is a viable concern to be raised.

Thankfully, this concern was ably met by the provisions and regulations of the HIPAA. It ensures that each and every patient portal is designed with security as a priority. Therefore, not only thousands of documents are available with the click of a button, but the information is also only accessible by those who are meant to do so.

Disadvantaged patients

There are patients who are unable to make regular visits to the doctor. This could either be due to the issue of funding, locational factors, or the nature of the disease. All these can be solved by the use of an effective online patient portal service.

All that patients need is a stable internet connection and a smart device. It is a good thing that most parts of the country are serviced by a good internet connection.


With a medical patient portal, there is no need for patients to visit the doctor just for refilling their prescriptions. With a simple click, the doctor can give their authorization from miles away. If the prescription needs to be changed, the patient can request a video appointment.