5 Clever Ways to Promote Your Blog Posts on Instagram

Without a shadow of a doubt, Instagram has become one of the most popular, influential, and useful social media applications of recent times. Even though it was originally built with the purpose of allowing people to connect and engage with one another using media content like pictures, videos and stories, etc, now it has transformed into an application that is much more dynamic and useful. Instagram now enables people to conduct business online via the application and has also come to be known as a very effective advertising tool for online businesses. Businesses and personal accounts alike now spend a lot of their time and resources focusing on Instagram growth since they are extremely keen to make full use of the potential that Instagram brings with itself.

There are many different tips and tricks that can be fully utilized in order to promote your businesses and other personal stuff online via Instagram. Nowadays, many bloggers create blog posts on their websites and other social media platforms but promote them on Instagram for better reach and conversion rates. Here are 5 clever ways to promote your blog posts on Instagram to increase online traffic.

Share Posts as Stories

One of the best ways to grab attention on Instagram is to post stories. Stories are an effective way to engage consumers and allow them to get a sneak peek or an insight into the original content. In case of exposing your blog posts to the right consumers, sharing the blog’s links and other related content as stories can be very effective. This is because it will enable your followers and other potential followers to check out your blog and ultimately start following it provided that they like your content as well.

Network with Other Bloggers

Instagram can be a very fun and interactive platform to connect with other people of the same interest. Bloggers can connect with other bloggers on the platform and start sharing each other’s content so that it reaches the right audience in a quicker period of time. This will not only increase the viewership of the blogs but will also lead towards the creation of a very healthy blogger’s community online.

Use High-Quality Images & Videos

Blog posts can be shared as Instagram posts as well. However, in order to create a deeper and long-lasting impact, it should be backed up by high-quality pictures and videos. These grab the attention of the consumers and create great interest amongst the potential followers as well.

Give Teasers

Instagram can be a great platform to re-link the right set of consumers to the original websites, etc. In the case of blogs, Instagram can be used to provide teasers and other cliffhangers in a way that the user is tempted to read on and ultimately clicks on the link that ends up on your blog post.

Link the Website on Instagram Bio

A good way to allow your followers to see your original website is by posting the link of the website on Instagram bio. This allows your followers and other people to see some of your other work as well.